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2019/05/29 · Never flush cat litter, which can contain pathogens harmful to marine life. Avoid stocking your aquarium with wild-caught saltwater fish, and never release any …

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From climate change and plastics, to deep sea mining and overfishing - the threats facing our oceans are growing and becoming more urgent by the day. Here's how we protect them.

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2017/07/16 · You may also read: Ways to Save the Dolphins – Ways to Save the Oceans. 1. Limit the off-shore oil and gas development. The oil industry causes some threats to cetacean (whale, dolphins, and the others marine mammals) including habitat loss, possible hearing damage, and pollution.

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2020/06/01 · Support an ocean organization Vote for representatives who protect the ocean 1. Refuse single-use plastics

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2020/12/15 · Many are choosing to boycott plastic to alleviate some pressure on the oceans and marine life. You can purchase reusable water bottles instead of buying disposable plastic ones. Invest in some stainless steel straws and keep them with you when you go out (or ask for drinks without straws).

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2018/02/14 · Mining metal and minerals in 'ecosystems we hardly understand' poses grave threat to marine life, warn environmentalists. Suzanne Goldenberg reports T his is the last frontier: the ocean …

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2019/06/16 · Be an ocean-minded pet owner Make sure to read the labels on your pet’s food, and to extend sustainable seafood practices to your pet’s diet. Be sure to responsibly dispose of your pet’s waste and to never flush cat litter; w hen owners neglect to pick up after their animals, pet waste can wash into storm drains, where it becomes a pollutant in drains and waterways, eventually ending up ...

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2018/12/05 · Mining operations strategies will need to prioritise the avoidance of environmental impacts. This needs to include establishing protected area networks to keep large parts of the seabed undisturbed as well as stringent and

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2020/04/23 · There are many ways that people around the world are having a positive effect on the Ocean every day… Microbead ban Plastic microbeads in beauty products have been banned, ensuring tiny pieces of plastic can’t enter the Ocean food chain.

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2019/05/07 · The Oceans are massive, pulsing, vibrant bodies of water that serve humanity in countless ways—from providing food to enabling commerce to simply being beautiful. But these powerful expanses of sea are not invincible.